Dreams Amiss, Nightmares Amuck–A Quick Response to American Images!

ATTENTION MATURE ADULTS (e.g., DADS, MOMS, EXTENDED FAMILY, FRIENDS, & MENTORS):  If you’re not a part of the solution, take a really good look in the mirror and accept that you are a part of the problem.

We cannot accept nor allow MIS-guided, MIS-informed, and MIS-understood children, teens, or young adults to be left to their own demise because we are MISSING in action. Not only do we need to wake up (be conscious), we also need to speak up, address the issues, and develop meaningful solutions. We then must strategically and holistically implement the solutions.

REMEMBER–Talk is cheap; great speeches are a dime a dozen; and stupendous ideas run free…  We have to do something to move something; and like money, good ideas should never be left on the proverbial table.

#Advocacy+Action=Progress  #LetsMakeProgress
~~Revie Michelle

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